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Sales Solutions

What we do

Our sales solution is to get you appointment-ready leads! Our team is dedicated and ready to assist you, the ready-to-scale business owner, make more sales. 

Healthy lead generation is the lifeblood of any business.

No sales. No money. No business. We don't want that.

What is our lead?

  1. Your Pre-Defined Target Market expressing interest in learning more via email or phone immediately.
  2. Your Pre-Defined Target Market expressing interest in learning more via email or phone in the future.
  3. Your Pre-Defined Target Market referring you to the appropriate person at their company with contact information.

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Consistent leads

Stop relying on word of mouth and referrals. Outbound marketing can become a consistent source of new leads for your business.

Grow your audience

Add hundreds of target prospects to your network monthly. Content you post will now appear in their news feed too.

Increased Profile Traffic

Traffic to your social profiles will increase by 500-1,500% over three months. This increases your brand presence and awareness.

Our Process

In our Executive Direct Response Program (EDR) we do all the setup, writing and management to reach each of your designated executives.

Our EDR program has three primary steps:

  1. Database Build-Out: This includes all data builds as part of the contract - you pay nothing for more data!
  2. Copy Writing: We optimize your social profiles and write messages tailored to your company's brand and tone.
  3. Management and Reporting: We manage, test and analyse your campaigns until your target market responds. This lead is handed over to you for response and follow up.

The Results?

What is the result? Your EDR Campaign sales solution will begin delivering leads within the first few weeks of the campaign and the volume of leads will continue to increase month after month. Due to our streamlined process, we are able to optimize quickly for the fastest results.

You will make more sales. You will make more money. Your team will enjoy good business.

It's simple! Let us show you how.