Written by Florian Eberhart on May 14th 2020
How do you create content that grows your brand? 

The most important part of any inbound marketing strategy is content creation. However, it is much more than just writing out whatever comes to mind once a week. There are different types of content to consider with different goals, and even before the beginning, it is crucial to start from the end consumer...
Written by Florian Eberhart on May 04th 2020
"Your profile is a landing page, make the most use of it."

Understanding the underlying factors and principles for why digital branding and inbound marketing are important, however, what are the things you need to do to get started, to build a strong personal brand in as little time as possible and what is the impact in action? Breaking it up into two categories it consists of optimization and content creation. Optimization is the part where one focuses on making their profile as attractive for prospects as possible....
Written by Florian Eberhart on April 30 th 2020
"How to create content that goes viral?"
As an average post on LinkedIn (despite all the speech of its reach and power) gets only a handful of likes and barely any comments. Then how is it possible that it is still used by 92% of B2B marketers in their digital marketing mix? The answer is that there are strategies and techniques for making your content reach trending and possibly, the holy grail of content creation, viral....
Written by Florian Eberhart on April 23 th 2020
"If you're not putting relevant content in relevant places, you don't exist!" - Gary Vaynerchuck
What is inbound marketing and why is building a personal brand important? How are these things even connected? In the last decade advertising and marketing, the scenery has completely changed. What used to be a one-way channel, a company at one end, and the consumer at the other, the company doing all the talking, has now changed into a discussion, a dialogue. ..

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