You will fail in LinkedIn if you skip this one crucial step!
Written by Florian Eberhart on May 14th 2020
How do you create content that grows your brand? The most important part of any inbound marketing strategy is content creation. However, it is much more than just writing out whatever comes to mind once a week. There are different types of content to consider with different goals, and even before the beginning, it is crucial to start from the end consumer.

More and more content creators are flooding the market and the platform is getting more and more saturated, which means everything is constantly changing and that now more than ever, it is crucial to know exactly your niche and how to attract them. This means that in addition to just posting, you need to know how you post! You have to remember that being showed to a user only means that your post is getting a chance to be seen and interacted with. However, it is only a second if even that, in which your post has to convince the reader to open it. 
"How do you find your ideal client and why it is the foundation of everything?"

The first part of creating a successful content strategy is the question “Who am I making this for?”, “Who is my ideal client?”. The purpose of creating a content strategy that a company invests money in is for it to bring in clients who are already interested in the product that the company offers. That means the content has to be created with the purpose of:

  • Bringing in the customers that are already interested in whatever the company offers.
  • ​To create more customers who are interested in the company’s offer.
Both of these work by making the content appealing for your target, and educating them in an entertaining manner that creates a following and elevates your value as a thought leader. For this, you need a persona of your ideal client and you need to understand them as deeply as possible:

“Where are they?”

“How do they behave or what do they do?”

“What are their interests and what type of content do they consume?”

“What are their needs and challenges, thus what can you help them with?”

“What are their aspirations?”

If you understand all of these you will know what type of content performs the best and what type of content the company should be creating.

First knowing where they are, to understand their cultural differences or differences in the industries. Knowing how to speak the language of your target audience is the crucial first step for them to feel like this is someone who is talking directly to them.

The second one is, “how do they behave and what do they do?”, for example for StartYourSales LinkedIn is the perfect platform because business leaders, consultants, and coaches, the ideal target of the company, are highly active on LinkedIn.
As mentioned before, research shows that these people are using this social media more than any other, especially the business leaders, as a study by LinkedIn shows that 92% of Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn. Positioning to where your client sees you is the cornerstone of marketing. Thirdly “what are their interests?”, this is about learning what type of content exactly your client enjoy’s and consumes? For example, if you are geared towards salespeople. The content that attracts the most salespeople is actionable advice on how to get better at sales. What to do or what not to do.


Going to the profiles of your ideal clients, seeing what they like and engage in gives you an excellent benchmark of what kind of content to create, after all, you are doing it for them. Closely related to this is the fourth question: “What are their challenges?”, when you help out your prospects already for free, this generates attention and gratitude that might finally be repaid by becoming a client. Understanding the clients’ pain is where the principle of giving comes in. Giving out as much value as you can instead of holding everything back is what shows the prospect of the type of a company you have and how the possible interaction is going to be.

Lastly, clients' aspirations. A customer doesn’t buy a product or engage in a post that just describes what you do, they want to see themselves elevated to where they aspire to be. If your content can conjure up that image, with a promise of getting them where they want to be, they start convincing themselves of needing your product. After getting down the ideal persona, their demographics, their needs and wishes it is time to start creating content that speaks strictly to them.

Simply put, people are attracted to what they are interested in, be interesting for them!

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Florian Eberhart

Florian Eberhart helps people start and grow successful consulting businesses.  He is an expert at helping people get clients using online methods and making things super simple to understand.
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