Why inbound-marketing is crucial for the survival of the company.
Written by Florian Eberhart on April 23 th 2020
"If you're not putting relevant content in relevant places, you don't exist!" - Gary Vaynerchuck

What is inbound marketing and why is building a personal brand important? How are these things even connected? In the last decade advertising and marketing, the scenery has completely changed. What used to be a one-way channel, a company at one end, and the consumer at the other, the company doing all the talking, has now changed into a discussion, a dialogue.

Thanks to the rise of the internet and social media, all kinds of new forms of interaction with consumers have become possible. One can start a blog, a Facebook page, a Youtube channel, become an Instagram influencer and LinkedIn thought leader.

The fact is that, wherever consumers' attention is, business can be made.

Now back to the question what is inbound marketing? Simply put; it is a type of marketing that seeks to attract the customer to the brand, instead of the brand going to the customer. How? By generating and releasing content that provides some sort of value to the customer they want to get.

Many think that inbound marketing is an invention of this social media era, however, in reality, inbound marketing has been around forever. In a broad sense, giving out food samples for a customer to find you, like you and buy from you is inbound marketing. In a more modern sense, inbound marketing refers to creating digital content that their ideal client then finds, becomes a follower and fan of the content, and whenever they need the service one provides they have you on the top of their minds. Now why this type of marketing has become such an essential part of business nowadays is because the aforementioned social media channels have provided perfect platforms for anyone to create and share content where there are many people searching for content. And as around 85% of consumers conduct online research before deciding to buy, you want to be the one making sure your brand is represented in the best way!

Instead of thinking in terms of "Convince and Corvert" start thinking in terms of "Converse and Convert." Helpful content gives your customers reasons to stay engaged -not just react- and also increases brand advocacy.

So what does a “brand” have to do with this and what can be considered as a brand? In the words of Wikipedia definition:

“A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.”

For example brand, Coca Cola is set apart by its logo, its colors, and slogans. One doesn’t even need to see a bottle or the whole logo, just by seeing the C of Coca Cola’s distinctive typeface, makes you instantly recognize them. To understand why branding and having a personal brand is so important we have to take a look at our market. In a marketplace or a platform where there are thousands of products and services screaming for a person’s attention, it is increasingly more important to set yourself apart from the others. Instead of being generic, you have to have a style, a voice, and a message that makes people come to you instead of any other option. This is true for big companies that compete for customers' favor as well as new personal brands that first build an audience and then leverage it for building a business.

People’s habits have changed!

In the book Disruptive Branding by Jacob Benbunan, the author brings out a case study by Deloitte that states that digital interactions 56 cents in every dollar spent in physical shops. In plain words, the digital experience resulted in physical revenue. This displays how it is more and more important for brands to focus on the digital. People are used to excellent service, flawless digital presence to premeditate on their buying, and are ready to become loyal to the brand if all their needs are satisfied. And inbound marketing is the most crucial part of building up your brand’s digital presence.

 All in all, it’s about creating demand for your product!

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