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Healthy lead generation is the lifeblood of any business. Our sales solution exists to get you appointment-ready leads. Our team is dedicated and ready to assist you in making more sales.

Create connections. Generate leads. Close sales. Increase revenue.

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Consistent leads

Even though word of mouth and referrals are invaluable, stop relying on one lead generation source. Outbound marketing can become a consistent source of new leads for your business.

Grow your audience

Grow your target audience volume exponentially on a monthly basis. With an ever-growing network of decision makers on your LinkedIn profile, the content you will post will start appearing directly on thousands of feeds.

Increased Profile Traffic

Traffic to your social profiles will increase by 500-1,500% over three months. This increases your brand presence and awareness.

Our Process

Our LinkedIn Executive Direct Response Program (LEDR) is a compilation of the setup, writing, and management of your campaign, in order to reach each of your designated dream clients.

Our LEDR program has three primary steps:

  1. Database Build-Out: We build your ideal target prospect list through advanced data collection strategies and software enablement. The data is cross-checked, verified with additional socially available information, and then approved by you. All new data collected is part of your contract – with no extra charge for more data!
  2. Copywriting: We optimize your LinkedIn profiles and write messages tailored to your company's brand and tone while focusing the conversation on your offering and value-add.
  3. Management and Reporting: We manage, test and analyze your campaigns until your target market responds. All appointment-ready leads are delivered over to your inbox or CRM for response and follow-up. We will keep you in the loop of the conversation and all you will need to do is setup meetings to close the new business deals.

The Results?

Your LEDR campaign will begin delivering leads within the first few weeks. All you need to do is set up a call to close the new business deals.

With our streamlined process, we are able to efficiently optimize the fastest results, delivering you quality appointment-ready leads.

In a nutshell, more sales, more money, and more importantly more time to focus on what you should be focusing on. 

Now let us show you how!